Synthetic Datasets for Shaper Vision AI

2D Datasets with 3D Annotations - Faster Vision AI using hard to collect data.

Synthetic Data at Massive Scale

Get auto-annotated data down to specific details such as material and size.

city top view
Hard to access Data
City Traffic
Tackle Varying Environment Conditions

Hyper-real 3D data to simulate real world

Our synthetic data is indistinguishable from a naked eye. If real world conditions change, you can change synthetic information with just a click

Smart Cars

Built for faster execution and higher accuracy

100% accurate data in an easy to read .json file. No data cleaning required.

Half your data collection and annotation costs.

Reduce timelines for hard to collect data.

Improve accuracy by adding diversity.

Protect your consumer and business data.

How ZEG does it?

ZEG is building a core 3D AI technology that allows just anyone to build 3D models fast. This means you can generate photo-real datasets very fast.

What we offer

We provide every possible details that would be impossible to capture in real world including exact shape, materials, heat maps, and much more

Bounding Box
Segmentation Maps
Depth Map

Getting started is fast and easy.

No need to ship product/ props. Build stunning images straight from your desktop

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