ZEG is a completely virtual studio to help you get stunning imagery without leaving your desktop. In the real world, you need to book a studio, ship product/props, and wait for a week to get a handful of product photos at a very high price. According to our research, any eCommerce seller needs an average 4-5 images per week for social media, A/B test, and listing purposes. You can now get any number of photos without having to worry about the outcome of the shoot because you can change it in real-time.

ZEG has made it super easy to get high quality photos within minutes. On the left side, you have the option to create your own scene from scratch - a beach setting, pebbles, products, and lighting. You can choose from 100s of backgrounds and props to create your own scene. On right side panel, you have the controls to make your product look really good. E.g. Adjust color/ material of the product to make it look more shiny.

We have also made it super easy to get you the photos with just 3 clicks:

1) Select the scene you like from the templates on the left side panel. We are making more templates each day. You may select the one where you can see a shape similar to your product.  

2) On the branding section on the right size, you can upload your own branding label and attach it to the product. If the color of the product needs to be changed, please use color/ material section on right side panel. You can delete any previous label from scene (top right) section - click the product and expand option to see label delete option.

3) If you are happy with the scene set-up, click export and you will have preview available after a few minutes. You can access the preview using the purple icon on bottom right which appears when you click preview. If you are happy with preview, you can create an even more stunning version of your imagery by clicking 4k in the export section. Please note that it can take several minutes to get a 4k version

You could also remove the product from right side scene option and place your own product by using 2D to 3D. Upload the smartphone image of your consumer good product and follow the instructions on this page.