Studio Photography is used for most of the e-commerce products. The process looks something like this 1) Take a product inside a studio 2) Set-up lighting 3) Click a photo, and then 4) Edit-Photo. Multiply this to billions of products on e-commerce not withstanding the shorter product lifecycles. Supply chain cost. Time Consuming. Expensive

Each product studio photo can cost start at least $120 not withstanding the supply chain costs.

Larger e-commerce players with higher priced items such as furniture have moved from studio photography to 3D images. 75% of iKEA catalogue is made of 3D images/ Computer Generated Imagery i.e. 3D model of each product is created and then placed into a nice scene (say home) to provide a visual better than a 'photograph' and indistinguishable from a real product photo. 3D provides the highest quality but is still time intensive and exorbitantly expensive. wants to change this for all sellers alike. Everyone can have access to high-quality 3D photos in a fast and affordable way. Take a look at the product photo below:

Full reusability of your products - sell at multiple countries customising it to local needs. E.g. Floating bottles will be very difficult to replicate in studio. Product may also not exist until you have buyers. is now providing virtual photo shoot as a service at affordable costs to all consumer good industry. Moreover, once the product is digitised, you can generate millions of images at a fraction of cost using our in house software - no prior knowledge needed. 1) A/B Test your images 2) Use the same products in AR/VR 3) Create visual inventory search for your large product line.