STEP 1: Upload the photo of your product to get a 3D shape

2D to 3D

STEP 2: Adjust the shape a bit by pulling bubbles on around the product. If you pull the top right bubble, you can get flat tube like on all tubes. You can also adjust thickness/ fatness from the properties section on the right side shape panel.  

Shape Adjustments

STEP 3: Pick the plastic cap from the props section and add it to the tube. You can change color of any props from the right side color/ material panel 

Scaling Plastic Cap from props

STEP 4: Apply your branding label by uploading on the right side panel and slapping it on the product. You can change height and width of the tube to get the correct aspect ratio

Apply your branding label

STEP 5: Add podium or any other props you like from the left side panel

Add Podium From Props

STEP 6: Add more props such as coconut. Position them the way you like it

Placing Coconut props

STEP 7: We will now try to capture more light on product as well as get a nice background. Rotate them using top panel icons.

Add Small Plane

Step 8: Change color of the background to go with the product

Change Colour of plane and add monster leaf prop

Step 9: Hit export to get a high quality render. 

Hit Export and render