ZEG’s mission is to empower small sellers with visualisations that are difficult, time consuming and expensive to create in a traditional studio set-up. An early stage brand requires at least 10 photos every month for social media, eCommerce Channels, and drop shipping. Traditionally, sellers would need to send the product/ props to a studio location. In some cases, it is a completely different city. The seller ends up spending a lot of time packing product and props (lavender etc) and booking studio. Once the products are shipped, sellers have to wait for a week to get a handful of product photos at a very steep price. 

And once you have completed the photoshoot, you can’t really change the outcome. This makes the entire process time intensive, carbon footprint intensive, and prohibitively expensive. Moreover, the requirements for small brands change often. So, you can’t really do a photoshoot specific to trends (say outdoor photography) and/ or product specific placements (Say environment friendly packaging).

Here are some examples to show how smaller brands are able to use ZEG to get what they need in little or no time.  In the case of Spruce, a single-use plastic product, we needed to create a product photo that displays environment friendliness. The below product shot was had 0 carbon footprint and used props (leaves and branches) that usually wouldn’t be available at a single location

Spruce Cleaning products

Here are some other examples of brands achieving stunning imagery that shows products in the correct light.