If you would like to be more creative or build your own brand-kit, you can use a combination from the left side panel to build your own templates. ‘Products’ on the left side panel contains shapes similar to that of your product. Don’t worry if you can’t find your product. You can always use 2D to 3D to get the product shape using 1 smartphone photo of your product.

We support consumer goods for now. The photos uploaded should be of product standing vertically and facing the camera. Please take a photo in an uncluttered background.

Change the shape of the bottle if necessary 

Add the wine top foil from the product and adjust the shape if necessary. Please note that the products will be added to the origin. So, you will need to go to scene on right side and select the product to drag it upwards. Alternatively, you can move the bottle to show the foil

Change the color / material of the foil to get the exact look/ feel

Select the bottle and change material properties. You might want to make it transparent using opacity and change IOR so that reflects light if glass is thick or thin. Color of the outside bottle can also be changed

Add liquid in the bottle. You need select properties in shape to add liquid. You can chose color and liquid level from the bar

Add the branding label needed to attach it to the bottle

Add all the props you feel like. Here, we have added soap bubbles and changed their colors to get round balls behind the bottle

Add the curved plane to capture light and get brown background by changing color/ material property of the curved plane

Select from our professional lighting options

Click render to get the photo that you need