1. Select a Scene: Using the left panel, select a scene you like for your GiF

       2. Create your Product: Select the product from left panel and follow the flow on right panel starting with changes in shape

                         a. Change Shape: Move sliders or enter value to get the right shape quickly. If you can’t design your shape, feel free to ask us to add it for  you.

Please note that you rarely need to change Point Ys only if you want to design something complex

                         b. Change Colour and/ or Opacity

           3. Branding and Lighting: Add your branding label and adjust lighting just like in a real world studio . Once you upload the label, aim the market and use right click to slap the model.


                4. That’s it - Click 3D Model or Render whichever you need

                Rendering can take 3-5 minutes depending on your computer. Best to close any memory heavy applications